172 Lies, Deceits and Scandals by Boris and his Tories.

Not A Good Start, Boris

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  1. As A Journalist (8 items)
  2. Brexit and the EU (22 items)
  3. Sexism, Racism and Homophobia (14 items)
  4. Mayor Boris (14 items)
  5. Boris In Power (34 items)
  6. Election 2019 (33 items)
  7. Boris's Government (12 items)
  8. The Coronavirus Crisis (35 items)

As A Journalist

  1. Boris Johnson fabricated a quote from his own godfather
  2. Boris Johnson was sacked for lying about an affair
  3. Boris Johnson was involved in a plot to attack a reporter
  4. Boris Johnson was accused of sexual harrassment by multiple women
  5. Boris Johnson accused Liverpool of wallowing in "victim status" over the murder of Ken Bigley and the Hillsborough disaster
  6. Boris Johnson said "bunch of black kids" made him "turn a hair"
  7. Boris Johnson said the children of single mothers were "ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate"
  8. Boris Johnson said blue-collar British men were "likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless, and perhaps claiming to suffer from low self-esteem brought on by unemployment"

Brexit and the EU

  1. Boris Johnson lied about the EU having a "banana police force"
  2. Boris Johnson lied about condoms, "eurocoffins", prawn cocktail crisps, balloons, teabags and many other "Euromyths"
  3. Boris Johnson claimed the EU said we "can't dip our bread in olive oil in restaurants"
  4. Boris Johnson lied about the popularity of a "no deal" Brexit
  5. Boris Johnson lied about the UK being forced to bail out Eurozone countries
  6. Boris Johnson lied about the EU stopping the UK from making lorries safer
  7. Boris Johnson lied about EU regulations affecting Crossrail
  8. Boris Johnson lied about our EU budget contributions
  9. Boris Johnson lied about Brexit being able to solve the housing crisis
  10. Boris Johnson lied about Turkey being about to join the EU
  11. Boris Johnson compared the EU to Napoleon and Hitler
  12. The Tories claimed that 5 new states, including Turkey, will join the EU by 2020
  13. Boris Johnson lied about the EU forcing fish to be delivered with an ice pillow
  14. Boris Johnson compared the EU to the Nazis
  15. Boris Johnson lied about the EU stopping us from having free ports
  16. The Tories claimed there would be "no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside"
  17. Boris Johnson lied about mentioning Turkey during the campaign
  18. Boris Johnson claimed there "will be no change to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic"
  19. The Tories claimed we "will have access to the Single Market after we vote leave"
  20. Boris Johnson claimed we'd still have single market access after we leave the EU
  21. The Tories claimed "if you vote 'remain' you'll be paying for euro bailouts"
  22. Boris Johnson lied about extending Brexit costing £1 billion a month

Sexism, Racism and Homophobia

  1. Boris Johnson said that "Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts"
  2. Boris Johnson compared gay marriage to bestiality
  3. Boris Johnson wrote about "tank-topped bumboys"
  4. Boris Johnson wrote an article reviewing women and calling them "hot totty"
  5. Boris Johnson wrote about "watermelon smiles"
  6. Boris Johnson said "we don't want our children being taught some rubbish about homosexual marriage being the same as normal marriage"
  7. Boris Johnson wrote about "flag-waving piccaninnies"
  8. Boris Johnson blamed Africa's problems on the fact "that we are not in charge any more"
  9. Boris Johnson compared Muslim women to "letterboxes" and "bank robbers"
  10. Boris Johnson claimed to be "down with the ethnics"
  11. Boris Johnson said "right, let's go and look at some more piccaninnies" while visiting Uganda
  12. Boris Johnson said Malaysian women go to university "to find men to marry"
  13. Boris Johnson lied about racist Tories being "out first bounce"
  14. Boris Johnson's Spokesperson refused to say if Boris Johnson thinks black people are mentally inferior to white people

Mayor Boris

  1. Boris Johnson wasted millions on a vanity project
  2. Boris Johnson wasted millions on unusable water cannons
  3. Boris Johnson hid his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri
  4. Boris Johnson promised to erase rough sleeping in London ... it went up
  5. Boris Johnson lied about improving cyclist safety
  6. Boris Johnson lied about affordable housing
  7. Boris Johnson lied about murders in London
  8. Boris Johnson promised not to close London Underground ticket offices ... and then closed all of them
  9. Boris Johnson lied about reducing taxes in London
  10. Boris Johnson defended Rupert Murdoch during the phone hacking scandal
  11. Boris Johnson lied about how many knives had been taken off the streets of London
  12. Boris Johnson lied about his bike
  13. Boris Johnson hid evidence of meetings with News International executives
  14. Boris Johnson is alleged to have said "fuck the families" about the families of the 7/7 victims

Boris In Power

  1. Boris Johnson further endangered Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe
  2. Boris Johnson said May's deal was "vassal state stuff" and "utterly unacceptable to anyone who believes in democracy" ... and then voted for it
  3. Boris Johnson broke the Ministerial code
  4. Boris Johnson lied about grammar schools improving achievement in surrounding schools
  5. Boris Johnson had a bust-up with Carrie Symonds, to which the police were called
  6. Boris Johnson hid from questions about a staged photo
  7. Boris Johnson joked about dead bodies in Libya
  8. Boris Johnson said a Queen's speech was a necessity ... then abused the process
  9. Boris Johnson said that money spent on child abuse investigations was being "spaffed up the wall" ... and then lied about saying it
  10. Boris Johnson lied about there being no press in a hospital ... in front of press
  11. Boris Johnson sacked 21 of his own MPs
  12. Boris Johnson called the French "turds" who "shafted Britain"
  13. Boris Johnson lied to fellow MPs during his leadership campaign about keeping the Department for International Development
  14. Boris Johnson unlawfully prorogued Parliament in order to block it from performing its duty
  15. Boris Johnson lied to the DUP about putting a border in the Irish sea
  16. Boris Johnson reneged on his promise of a tax cut for higher earners if made Tory party leader
  17. Boris Johnson played games with the lives of millions
  18. Boris Johnson lied about the Tories not doing deals with other parties
  19. Boris Johnson lied about Theresa May's EU withdrawal bill
  20. Boris Johnson lied about Canterbury getting a new hospital
  21. Boris Johnson lied about Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
  22. Boris Johnson lied in Parliament about using the words "surrender" and "betrayal"
  23. Boris Johnson lied about commercial nuclear fusion
  24. Boris Johnson wasted tens of millions on Brexit propaganda
  25. Boris Johnson said "fuck business"
  26. Boris Johnson promised to investigate Islamophoia in the Tory party ... then reneged on that promise
  27. Boris Johnson wasted police time for political reasons
  28. Boris Johnson lied and said he'd lie in front of a bulldozer to stop a third runway being built at Heathrow
  29. Boris Johnson told pork pies about pork pies
  30. Boris Johnson lied about there being a "million to one chance" of no deal
  31. The Tories lied about Yellowhammer
  32. Boris Johnson lied about the cost of an extension to Article 50
  33. Boris Johnson lied and said he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than agree a Brexit extension
  34. Boris Johnson promised Britain would leave the EU on 31st October

Election 2019

  1. Boris Johnson lied about not wanting an election
  2. Boris Johnson hid a report on Russian election interference
  3. The Tories doctored a video of Sir Keir Starmer
  4. Boris Johnson lied about "40 new hospitals"
  5. Boris Johnson lied about Labour offering a Scottish independence referendum in 2020
  6. Boris Johnson lied about "20,000 new police"
  7. The Tories lied about Universal Credit
  8. The Tories lied about banning fracking
  9. Boris Johnson lied about Parliament blocking Brexit
  10. The Tories own forecasts suggest Boris Johnson's Brexit deal would reduce GDP growth by 6.7% by 2034
  11. The Tories criticised Labour's manifesto spending, while refusing to reveal the costings for their own manifesto
  12. Boris Johnson lied and claimed John McDonnell called for exchange controls
  13. Boris Johnson claimed shelving plans to cut corporation tax would save billions after claiming cuts to corporation tax always increased tax revenue
  14. The Tories lied about the sentencing of child killers
  15. The Tories lied and pretended to be an independent factchecking service
  16. The Tories doctored a video of Jess Phillips
  17. The Tories set up a fake Labour Manifesto website
  18. Boris Johnson lied about our corporation tax rate being the lowest in Europe
  19. Boris Johnson lied about building six new hospitals
  20. The Tories lied about recruiting 50,000 new nurses
  21. The Tories issued their candidates with a smear manual
  22. Boris Johnson lied about lying
  23. Boris Johnson regened on his promise to be interviewed by Andrew Neil
  24. Boris Johnson and The Tories lied about the sentencing of terrorists within hours of the London Bridge attack and after the families of the victims had asked that the deaths of their loved ones not be abused for political gain
  25. Boris Johnson lied about his Queen's speech being blocked by Parliament
  26. Boris Johnson lied when he claimed Labour want to "disband MI5"
  27. Boris Johnson lied when he claimed Labour want to "abandon NATO"
  28. Boris Johnson lied about the scale of child poverty
  29. The Tories set up a fake Labour candidate website
  30. The Tories lied about who was responsible for the rise in homelessness
  31. The Tories lied about an assault
  32. The Tories lied about Labour's planning to scrap the main home exemption to capital gains tax
  33. Boris Johnson hid in a fridge to avoid answering a few questions

Boris's Government

  1. The Tories broke their promise to make trains accessible for disabled people
  2. Boris Johnson reneged on a promise to give MPs a vote on extending the Brexit transition in 2020
  3. Boris Johnson broke his promise to hold an investigation into Tory party Islamophobia
  4. The Tories broke their promise to raise the minimum wage
  5. Boris Johnson banned ministers from appearing on Today on BBC Radio 4
  6. Boris Johnson lied about the life expectancy gap between rich and poor narrowing
  7. Boris Johnson barred journalists from critical publications from Downing Street
  8. Boris Johnson doesn't understand and doesn't care about climate change
  9. Boris Johnson backtracked on his commitment to keeping the same Single Market access
  10. Boris Johnson lied about new border checks on EU imports
  11. The Tories risked failing to get a Brexit deal in order to open the door to roll back the Human Rights Act
  12. The Tories wasted hundreds of millions of pounds buying the wrong satellites rather than cooperate with the EU

The Coronavirus Crisis

  1. The Tories ignored warnings in 2016 that the UK did not have the PPE or ventilators to cope with a respiratory pandemic like Coronavirus
  2. Boris Johnson missed critical COBR meetings during the early stages of the pandemic ... because he went on holiday
  3. Boris Johnson squandered a head start on the crisis
  4. The Tories reduced the Department of Health and Social Care emergency stockpile by 40% over six years
  5. Boris Johnson said the initiative to build more ventilators during the coronavirus crisis could be known as "Operation Last Gasp"
  6. Boris Johnson shook the hands of Coronavirus patients during the pandemic (and for at least a week after his boast)
  7. Boris Johnson at best failed miserably to communicate the UK' plan, and at worst followed a damaging and unscientific strategy to deal with the crisis
  8. The Tories lied and claimed they put a "protective ring" around care homes at the start of the pandemic
  9. The Tories politicised the scientific body tasked with advising the Government on their pandemic strategy
  10. The Tories broke their promise to feed children in need during the lockdown
  11. Boris Johnson pursued a potentially damaging brinksmanship Brexit strategy while the economy was being decimated
  12. The Tories lied and claimed the UK was doing more testing than any other country
  13. The Tories lied about the reasons they failed to join the EU ventilator and PPE procurement scheme
  14. The Tories failed to deliver on their promised levels of Coronavirus testing
  15. Boris Johnson lied to Parliament about the Government's advice to care homes
  16. The Tories ordered 250 ventilators that could not be used safely
  17. Boris Johnson barred Sunday Times journalists from asking questions during coronavirus briefings
  18. The Tories failed to explain over 10,000 excess deaths in care homes
  19. The Tories stopped showing a chart comparing UK deaths to the other nations as soon as it became clear we were doing worse than almost every other country
  20. The Tories introduced quarantine for new arrivals in the UK ... 73 days late
  21. The Tories refused to publish the scientific advice they were basing their decisions on until after the pandemic
  22. Boris Johnson lied about workplace safety inspections
  23. The Tories told coroners not to look at potential systematic failures when investigating the deaths of NHS workers
  24. Boris Johnson issued confusing and nonsensical advice to the public
  25. The Tories lied about hitting their self-imposed testing target of 100,000 per day by the end of April (even though they fudged the numbers)
  26. The Tories diverted emergency funds to rich areas, mostly with Tory-run councils, despite other areas being in greater need
  27. Boris Johnson defended Dominic Cummings and described him as acting "responsibly" and "with integrity" after the latter broke lockdown rules to travel to Durham, including driving while visually impaired and taking a day trip to Barnard Castle
  28. Boris Johnson lied about child poverty during PMQs
  29. Boris Johnson wasted £900,000 on a paint job for a a "Brexit jet"
  30. Boris Johnson reneged on a promise to eliminate NHS fees for health and care workers from overseas
  31. Boris Johnson defended Robert Jenrick after the latter became embroiled in a scandal involving planning permission being rushed through for a Tory party donor
  32. Boris Johnson lied about Weston-super-Mare going into a "local lockdown"
  33. Boris Johnson failed to deliver on his promised "world-beating" test and trace app
  34. Boris Johnson lied about Marcus Rashford's school meals campaign
  35. Boris Johnson forced experienced civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill to resign so he could replace him with a less qualified Brexit supporter
"A compulsive liar who has betrayed every single person he has ever had dealings with: every woman who has ever loved him, every member of his family, every friend, every colleague, every employee, every constituent."

- Former Conservative MP Nick Boles

Stop Boris Johnson! He is
wrecking the country

"People always ask me the same question, they say, 'Is Boris a very very clever man pretending to be an idiot?' And I always say, 'No.'"

- Ian Hislop

What about the money?

The Tories have been making wild claims about the costs of other parties' manifestos, while refusing to provide sources or publish costings for their own. Here are a few relevant numbers, for comparison. With sources, of course.

Item Cost to GDP Total Cost, 2020 - 2025
Austerity £117bn £570bn
Brexit (so far) 2.9% £366bn
Brexit (after leaving) 2.1% - 5% £221bn - £528bn
Total £1,197bn - £1,504bn
"Boris is good. They call him Britain Trump."

- Donald Trump, former host of The Apprentice

On one thing we agree ...
Britain does deserve better

"I know a lot of Tory MPs and I am sad to say the public is basically correct. Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don't care about the NHS."

- Dominic Cummings, senior advisor to Boris Johnson

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